Rainforest for Sale Topaz Atherton Tablelands North Queensland - 60 acres bordering World Heritage with gold prospecting potential.

This property is a naturalists paradise and a good investment as freehold rainforest for sale bordering World Heritage is getting  hard to find and it can only 'grow' in value.

60 freehold acres. Currently listed with Real estate agent for $350,000. Look for listing LS 579 under lifestyle            http://www.tablelands.com/index2.html?main.php~mainFrame

But I will negotiate and sell for less for private sale!

I have now moved to Western Australia and had originally planned to prospect this area for gold but have become too busy in WA.
Magnificent huge rainforest trees line the entrance and rare cassowaries roam through the area. This is a high rainfall area.  Fourteen acres cleared suitable for house site. Block is also next to Lady Olive Lookout. Many waterfalls and gorges below the block in the World Heritage rainforest. The most outstanding feature of this block is that it has total seclusion being at the end of a no through road and surrounded by World Heritage rainforest and access is through another private block. There is power to this adjacent block so it would not be too difficult to extend the power line. 
Creeks have been dredged for gold in the past. This is the site of the hydraulic sluicing shown in the Gold & Ghost book Volume 4 Queensland by D.W. de Havelland and there are historic water races in the area. 
For more about gold also see this website which is for a different one acre property for sale nearby.  http://www.hallgold.com.au/atherton_tablelands_land_for_sale_gold.htm  


Location of Rainforest Property for Sale


Topaz is approximately one and a half  hours drive from Cairns, 25 minutes drive from Malanda, and 40 minutes from Atherton.

This rainforest block is in an area called Topaz which consists of a few houses, dairy farms and small tea plantations.

The rainfall is high with annual averages of over 4000mm.

The property is 600metres above sea level and has cool temperatures year round.

It used to be a gold mining area (Lady Olive).

Sealed road most of the way from Malanda to Topaz.  School bus passes on Towalla road.

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Description and Photos of the Rainforest for Sale.

(Under Construction)

Warning! - this property is not for the faint-hearted!
There is abundant wildlife here with every conceivable type of marsupial and plant life found in the Wet Tropics, including snakes, stinging trees, leeches and  wait-awhile. It is especially rich in birdlife due to many fruiting rainforest trees. Numerous creeks flow down into the World Heritage with deep gorges. 
Water in the creeks is so pure and clean it could be bottled!  The creeks flow through beautiful fern clad gullies some of them very steep with numerous waterfalls, rock pools and giant trees.
Cassowaries, Pademelons, musky rat kangaroos inhabit the area.






  Above is a 360" panorama taken on the 14 acres of cleared land with Bartle Frere in background (highest mountain in Queensland)



 View from block with Bartlefrere in background

  Entry point into rainforest of designated access marked by picket



House on block next door (you have to pass this block to access the 60 acre rainforest block at back)

Towalla Road from Malanda - now sealed .



  Union Road access to block comes off the sealed Towalla Road.

Cassowary crossing Towalla Road




 Rare cassowaries inhabit this rainforest

the rainforest



Here's a small part of the surviving race that supplied water to the Lady Olive gold mine around the turn of the last century. There are more distinct sections!

Here's one of the tail races at the actual mine...



Here's some stone pitching (evidence of gold prospecting)  from probably the late 1800s and early 1900s...

This would appear to be the line of wash (under the basalt) that the early miner's were running through their sluices in the search for gold...This would appear to be the line of wash (under the basalt) that the early miner's were running through their sluices in the search for gold...



   Stream in the rainforest

View down onto rainforest

buttressroots.jpg (9408 bytes)fernycreek.jpg (16555 bytes) forest.jpg (13287 bytes)tree.jpg (10039 bytes)        
  Inside the rainforest          



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